Easton celebrates Small Business Saturday ahead of Peace Candle lighting | Lehigh Valley Regional News

The Thanksgiving weekend is the official start to the holiday shopping season. Small Business Saturday is a day to think about your neighbor down the street who sells every flavor hot sauce you can imagine or the family who has a stand at the market, selling homemade spreads. Whatever the case may be, the Easton community is one that supports small businesses in town.

“We just rely on everybody to come out and support us and we love meeting everybody and having a good time,” said Marie Brinker, the wholesale manager for Tolino Winery in Bangor.

Brinker says she brings business to Easton year round.

“It’s just a lot of great people that come around, people from all walks of life, all different towns. In the summer, we get a lot of visitors on vacation so it’s just an awesome time,” said Brinker.

The nationally recognized event supports small business owners across the country. Organizers say Easton has something special to offer.

“There’s an extreme quality of products that are made in the United States by people who are crafters and we have quite a few of those shops in our town,” said long time volunteer, Joanne Durante.

Last year, the event was spread across three days due to rain. Thankfully, the impending weather, which includes the chance for snow, is holding off.

“I think it’s exciting that we’re going to get it in today and then while everyone’s in the Christmas spirit when they wake up tomorrow morning that might be a little snow on the ground and it’ll really make it more festive than It ever was before,” said Durante.

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